A Bit About Me

A vegan of eleven years, it all began with a little book called ‘Why Vegan’ that at the age of 16 quite successfully pushed my then vegetarian self to take the next step into, what everyone else thought at the time, was complete madness.  Snubbed by a mother at dinner who thought I was snubbing her cooking, I struggled early on to fill the gap that animal products left behind.  A year and hundreds of two minute noodles later however, I decided to pull the finger out and really get into learning how to feed myself and since then have had a bit of a love affair with all things vegan – especially the food.

Originally hailing from the Westcoast of New Zealand, I’ve lived in Malaysia for a spell, China for a good wee while and currently find myself living in Ireland with my Irish husband.  A meat eater at heart, in our home he is vegan by default (and pure laziness), but he is an excellent taste tester and is extremely supportive of my weird ways, even if I know he’d love to slip a bit of steak into my kebab!