Surprisingly Vegan

Below is a growing list of all sorts of little treasures I've found hidden in the shelves of Irish shops - all of them surprisingly vegan!

Jacobs Fig Rolls
Tesco Rich Tea Biscuits
Tesco Reduced Fat Rich Tea Biscuits
Quick Bury Coconut Cookies
Quick Bury Apple Cinnamon Cookies
McVities Jammy Dodgers

Trattoria Verde Gnochhi

Savory Snacks
Tesco Garlic Bread Slices
Galberts 10 Hand Buttered Garlic Toasties
Galberts Hand Made Garlic Baguette
Walkers Prawn Cocktails Potato Chips
Hunky Dorys Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips
Sam Spudz Burger Bites
Tayto Smokey Bacon
Centra Brand Bacon Bites
Supervalu Brand Bacon Bites

Sweet Treats
Spar Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread
Lily O'Brien's Mint Cremes


1 comment:

  1. I love you for this list! I'm hopping straight onto Tesco online and ordering some of these.
    Another one I discovered during the week is El Tequito Jalapeno Salsa Tortilla chips from Lidl.