Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week's Fun Find

Myself and the fiancee work on the edge of Galway City with only one supermarket between us and home, and up until last week I HATED it.  You could often find me there at 6pm, wandering the aisles, grumbling to myself  as to why the oil was hidden by the laundry detergent and why it was seemingly so hard to stock just one flavour of soy ice-cream, just one.

And it was mid such grumble last week when a white packet struck my eye - an odd looking square stuck between the pre-made salad bags and packets of croutons.  I craned my neck and cocked my head, but still couldn't work out what on earth I was looking at.  But somehow I had the distinct feeling I was looking at something rather familiar.

Long story short I was there for quite some time before it dawned on me that I'd found tofu!  And not just any tofu - a huge block of tofu for only, wait for it...€2!  And suddenly I was no longer grumbling and I was no longer moping - instead I was off to find the fiancee to share my find!

After buying several blocks and getting her home, I found that not only was it huge and inexpensive, it was some of the nicest tofu I have had in ages.  So nice in fact I started slicing bits off and eating it raw (now that's a measure for ya!).

Where you can find it:  Dunnes Stores (hiding between the croutons and salad bags..)
How much is it:  Only €2!


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